1. The literature submitted should be original work.
2. Please submit a brief biography with your work.
3. Children are published by exception, and only with written parental consent.
4. If submitting poetry, a .txt file is preferred. Check to make sure that your alignment and line breaks are correct.  If you are submitting digital video poems, please provide a link to the digital poem at YouTube. 
Stories should be submitted double spaced, and the journal does not accept novella or novel length projects.  .txt files are preferred.

5. Writers are responsible for proofreading their own work. If your work is accepted, a link to an online proof page will be sent by email to the writer a week or so before the issue launches.
6. If your work has been accepted but does not appear in the issue, please let Mary Ann Sullivan know. We are a volunteer group of writers, the submissions are numerous, and the acceptance-to-publication process is at times unwieldy.
7. We normally respond to submissions within three months. If you do not receive an acceptance or rejection email after three months, please contact us to ask about the status of your submission.
8. Simultaneous submissions are fine.  If your submitted work has been published elsewhere, please let us know. 
Please submit your poetry here. 

To submit a video or digital poem, please publish the work privately online, and send us the link to review.
Please upload your fiction files here.  .txt files are preferred.  Please be sure that your lines and paragraphs break appropriately when submitting the .txt file.

Please upload your artwork here.  Jpg, gif and png files are preferred.  For video and other digital formats, please provide a link to a private viewing location (such as Youtube).
Please submit your essays here.  .txt format is preferred. 
Tower Journal